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Emergency Dentists in Detroit

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Medical Emergencies

If you are experiencing a MEDICAL emergency,
please dial 911

Dental Emergencies

If you are experiencing a DENTAL emergency during regular business hours:
call (313) 651-7260

Is your swollen, aching jaw keeping you from concentrating on your work? A dental emergency never shows up when you have time to deal with one. Getting emergency dental care can be difficult, but it’s critical for providing relief and protecting your future dental health. Don’t worry; help is closer than you think.

Where Do I Find Emergency Dental Care Near Me?

Our emergency dentists in Detroit are here and available to treat your pain and other symptoms during regular business hours. With skilled emergency dental care professionals on your side, you can get back to your life quickly. Our emergency dental office will schedule your appointment as soon as possible. In many cases, we can see you within the same day. Our mission is to diagnose your problem, provide effective pain relief, and offer long-term solutions to keep your symptoms away for good.

We try to accommodate dental emergencies with same-day care.

What Are Emergency Dental Services About?

Emergency dental services include any services related to urgent dental care. They’re provided by skilled and experienced emergency dentists to help end unexpected pain and suffering, and protect the health of your teeth and gums. Here are a few examples:

  • Toothache diagnosis and treatment
  • Emergency tooth extractions
  • Repair of fractures, chips, and cracks in teeth
  • Relief from pain and swelling caused by impacted wisdom teeth
  • Treatment of abscesses and other infections
  • Treatment for injuries and irritation caused by faulty orthodontic brackets and wires
  • Replacement of lost crowns and dental fillings

Emergency Dental Treatment: When Is It Necessary?

I have a problem with my filling, but I don’t know if it’s really an emergency. Should I try to get emergency dental care near me anyway?

If your dental problem is interfering with your comfort and your ability to eat, speak, and function normally, it’s time to get emergency dental care. Here are a few common conditions that our emergency providers treat on a regular basis.

Broken or Fractured Teeth

Getting broken or fractured teeth repaired quickly reduces your risk of making the damage even worse. If your injured tooth has sharp edges, place a small amount of dental wax over them to protect your mouth, and call us to schedule treatment.

Knocked-Out Teeth

A knocked-out tooth is a time-sensitive crisis, but if you act quickly, our emergency dentists might be able to save the tooth. Here are a few preparation tips to remember in case the disaster ever strikes:

Severe Toothache Pain or Pressure

  • Never touch the root of your tooth with your hands. Instead, hold the tooth by its crown.
  • Rinse debris off of all tooth pieces using warm water.
  • Insert the tooth back into its socket whenever possible.
  • If you can’t reinsert the tooth, hold it between your cheek and gums to keep it moist until you can obtain professional care.

A severe toothache is one emergency that you’ll never forget. The pain, pressure, and related symptoms such as a fever and an earache could have a serious underlying cause, so it’s important to seek help quickly.

Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity that appears suddenly or seems unusually intense could be a sign of a tooth fracture or other serious problem. Seek urgent dental care if your sensitivity starts or worsens abruptly.

Dental Decay (Cavities)

Dental decay is the enemy of all teeth. It slowly destroys tooth structure until nerves and roots become exposed and painful. Our emergency dentists will evaluate your decayed teeth and restore them whenever possible.

Abscessed Tooth

An abscessed tooth can be identified by the presence of intense tooth pain and sensitivity, foul-smelling drainage, fever, facial swelling, swollen glands and sores on your gums. If you don’t have this serious infection treated promptly, it could progress and cause serious health problems. Call our emergency dental office immediately if your symptoms suggest an abscess.

Lost or Loose Fillings

A lost filling is an inconvenience that leaves your tooth vulnerable and exposed. If your filling falls out or becomes loose, contact us to schedule an evaluation. We can easily replace fillings so that you can eat and function normally.

Broken Crowns or Lost Restorations

A broken crown or lost restoration leaves a gap in your grin and increases the risk of rapid deterioration of the exposed tooth. Our emergency dentists can provide a short- or long-term replacement to keep your dental health intact.

Orthodontic Pain or Injuries

Pain, irritation, and injuries can result from defective or misplaced brackets and wires. We can treat your painful symptoms and stabilize your braces to help you avoid further discomfort.

Tooth Enamel Worn by Teeth Grinding

Frequent grinding damages the enamel that protects the chewing surfaces of your teeth. If the damage becomes serious, we can protect your enamel with strengthening treatments and help you manage nighttime grinding with a custom nightguard.

Sinus Pressure

Sinus pressure that occurs without an obvious cause could be related to an undetected dental problem. If your sinus pressure can’t be explained by a cold or sinus disease, let us investigate to determine if an impacted tooth or other dental abnormality is present.

Serious Symptoms Threaten General Health

I considered contacting an emergency dental office near me for treatment, but my tooth damage is due to a serious facial injury. What should I do?

Some dental symptoms occur alongside serious medical problems that could threaten your general health or even your life. Our emergency dentists in Detroit can’t provide the advanced medical care that is required in these situations. If your emergency involves a direct, severe injury to your head, face or jaw, or you experience heavy, uncontrollable bleeding or severe swelling, go to the nearest hospital emergency room, or dial 911 to obtain immediate medical advice.

Dental Emergency Visit Costs

It’s impossible to predict the cost of emergency dental care without a diagnosis and treatment details. Our emergency dentists can provide an estimate after your examination. You can pay your bill using a major credit card, and we accept most dental insurance plans. If you can’t afford to pay your entire bill at once, we offer helpful financing options. You can enjoy significant savings by enrolling in the DentRite® discount plan. It’s not an insurance policy, but it provides discounts on many dental services, including emergency treatment. Contact our office for details.

It’s a weekend night, and I just broke a tooth. Should I delay treatment until the emergency dental office near me is open again?

If you have a potentially serious or painful injury or symptom when our emergency dentists are unavailable, it may be wise to seek treatment at your local emergency room instead of waiting. Our emergency dentists in Detroit don’t want you to risk your long-term dental health. If your problem occurs during business hours, please call us without hesitation.

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My rating is for the Grandriver Office. My dentist Dr. Oliver is AWESOME!!!
Evonne B.
Cause they had great customer service in took care all my needs without any problems..
Camille C.
Staff friendly. No waiting for a long time. Dr explain so I would understand what was going on with my teeth
Theodosia J.
The dentist and dental assistant are always awesome and puts me at ease.
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Everyone of the staff is very friendly and help with any concerns
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Excellent dental office ❤️
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Great service and polite staff
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It was a good visit.
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Great, professional doctors and staff. Very friendly when trying to get you to calm down. They just make you feel calm. When it comes to a variety of procedures.
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The atmosphere was very nice the setting the style was awesome they help get you in and get you out always smiling.
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Thank you Mr. Ward, Ms. B and Dr. Patel for giving me my smile back. Seeing my children’s faces light up was priceless.
Yvette P.
Nice and friendly place clean no long wait and trustworthy people Dr Duan and her Assistant tawanna are the best
Jamira D.
Very nice staff and was very helpful
Tearia S.
Clarence C.
Because Gentle Dental fixed my front teeth they are so awesome and the staff is friendly.. So I recommend anybody to go down to Gentle Dental and get your teeth fixed
Reginald S.
I didn’t have a long wait and the Dentist was excellent
Darlene D.
convenient location, friendly service.
Linford S.
Everyone was nice an patient….
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Good staff
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I think that Doctor P and Donelle make a great Team they get me in and out with no problem Gentle Dental has came along way thanks to them
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